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Future kids Competition

Future kids Competition and Awards

How it Works
The Future Kids Competition & Awards is a National Creativity Contest among Schools in Nigeria in the different Categories stated below;

In the School Category;
Each school will come up a 55secs Creative & Innovative Advert Video about their School while promoting School Cultures/Values & their Country, Nigeria.
In the Individual Category:
individual Student come up with Most Innovative Advert Skit about the School they currently attend & Country with the help of the School & Parents.
Register Now
Schools are already registering and have submitting their 55 secs Video entries here:

Schools Nominated for the Future Kids Competition and Awards

Future kids Competition and Awards 2023
Future Kids Competition and Awards is a National Competition to Promote Educational Tourism in Nigeria to standardise School Cultures, Creativity and imbibe National Narrative to the World
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Future kids Competition and Awards

Selection Process:

Rewards for Winners
A Trophy & Prize Money for the Grand Winner in the 2 Categories, (Free installation of a Creative Lab & Studio for the Winner!)

1, School Category
2, individual Category
3, A Trophy & Prize Money for Most Innovative Teachers in the School Category.
4, Branded Gift items, Medals & Certificate of Participation for the ``Top 5`` innovative & Creative Advert Skit from each region.
5, Certificate of Participation for all Schools.
6, Exclusive Gift Vouchers From Brand Support.
7 , Awards For the Best Supporting NGO, Corporate organisations, Multinationals, Multilaterals and State Governments who have provided Developmental Projects for Schools & Education.

Grand Finale (The Award)
Future Kids AUSKÄ Awards July 2023.

Format: A Grand Ball Event (Dresses & Tuxedo), ``it is the Children's Oscars!!``

A black tie Events For All Participating Schools, to include Special Guest (The Kids), Celebrities, Captains of industries, Educational stakeholders, Proprietress/Teachers/Pupils are invited.

We have Constituted a Board of Awards who are responsible for the Query & Selection of the best entries and Winners for each region. Entries will be Screened based on; “Innovation, Creativity, Conceptualization, Culture Burst, Presentation & Overall Performance”.

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